3 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Green tea for acne


For rough skin and acne, it is recommended to wash your face with green tea.

Green tea is rich in vitamin C, also known as whitening vitamin, and is said to have a strong effect on whitening the skin.

In addition, catechin contained in green tea has a bactericidal action that is said to be stronger than alcohol.

Therefore, it is said that washing your face with green tea is good for whitening, rough skin, and acne.

※In effect there are individual differences

In fact, our skin is inhabited by a surprising number of bacteria. And since some of these bacteria are one of the causes of exacerbating the inflammation of acne, it is necessary to suppress their reproduction.

Therefore, washing your face with green tea, which has a bactericidal action, suppresses the growth of bacteria and prevents inflammation and deterioration.

Also, green tea has an astringent effect, so if you put green tea on your skin, it will tighten your pores!

Acne is often caused by excessive secretion of sebum, so green tea cleansing, which has the effect of tightening pores, can improve or prevent acne.

* Astringent action refers to the denatured action of mucous membranes by tannin, a component contained in green tea.

Green tea for prevention of rough skin, keratinization, and pigmentation


Catechin contained in green tea suppresses the action of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is essential for the synthesis of melanin, and interferes with the synthesis of melanin.

In addition to catechin and vitamin C, it contains many ingredients that are good for the skin, such as vitamin A, vitamin B2, and B6.

Drinking green tea daily also helps prevent age spots, rough skin, dead skin cells, and pigmentation.

Green tea is also effective for face whitening


Green tea is rich in catechins and vitamin C.

For example, the vitamin C content of green tea is said to be 3 to 5 times that of lemon.

Normal vitamin C has the property of being weak against heat, but vitamin C contained in green tea is hard to break due to the strong antioxidant power of catechin, and it does not break even with hot water at 80 ° C.

Vitamin C also has the effect of making collagen, which connects cells. Therefore, by continuously taking vitamin C from green tea, the collagen synthesis power in the body is strengthened and the skin can be kept healthy.

As a result, it can be expected to have the effect of smoothing the texture of the skin, preventing acne, and thinning the melanin pigment that causes stains and freckles, and is also effective for face whitening.

* Approximately 70% of human skin is made of collagen, and vitamin C is indispensable for maintaining the health of the skin.

Green tea brewed from green tea leaves has more nutrients than bottled ones.

Please make effective use of green tea brewed from green tea leaves.

Let’s beautify from outside the body with the green tea beauty method!

1. How To Wash Your Face With Green Tea

Green tea facial cleansing can be expected to have a great effect on skin whitening and acne.

When you wash your face with green tea, the growth of bacteria on your face is suppressed, and inflammation and deterioration can be prevented. Also, green tea has an astringent effect, so applying green tea to your skin will tighten your pores.

① The first brew is very stimulating, so you can brew the tea leaves after drinking.

After serving green tea, you can put the used green tea leaves in a green tea pack and pour water (hot water) into the washbasin.

② Wash your face as usual. (Wash off makeup and dirt on the face with soap etc.)

③ Wash your face with the green tea brewed in ①.

After washing your face with green tea, do not wipe off the green tea with a towel, but let it dry naturally as much as possible.

* Because green tea has a strong effect of removing oil, it will be too dry unless light green tea is used, so be careful when drying it.

2. Face Pack Using Green Tea

Ingredients such as chlorophyll, catechin, and vitamin C contained in green tea promote skin turnover and repair scratches on the skin surface. You can also expect to improve face whitening, age spots, and dullness.

In addition, the antioxidant action of catechin suppresses the oxidation of sebum, which is said to be very effective in improving acne.

* If you feel irritation or have sensitive skin, please be careful.

*In effect there are individual differences.

The ingredients are green tea (sencha), flour, and mineral water.

Prepare green tea and flour in a ratio of 1: 2.

Green tea (sencha) is finely divided using a mortar, a food processor, a mill for tea leaves, etc.

To use it as a pack, the finer it is, the less irritation to the skin, so try to make it as fine as possible.

① Mix flour and powdered green tea.

② Add water little by little to the mixture of flour and green tea.

Mix it while adjusting so that it will not run off when it is applied to the skin.

③ When the green tea pack is ready, apply the green tea pack to your skin and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

* Avoid the area around the eyes and mouth.

④ After a while, wash it off thoroughly.

Moisturize well after rinsing!

* If you feel irritation or have sensitive skin, please be careful.

*In effect there are individual differences.

Even when using it as a green tea beauty method, we recommend organic green tea from Tokyo Tea Garden, which is organically grown safely and securely.

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