Organic Japanese Green Tea
Japanese Organic Green tea

Japanese green tea is a general term for the types of tea.Most Japanese tea is green tea.Green tea is made by picking tea leaves and then heating them to prevent fermentation from proceeding.It is called unfermented tea. Recommended special feature

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Kyusu Tea Pot
What is Tokoname Ware Kyusu Tea Pot?

What is Tokoname ware (Tokoname-yaki)? The simplicity and durability that has been loved all over Japan for a thousand years. One of the six ancient kilns in Japan with attractive coloring that makes the most of the earth’s skin What are the characteristics of Tokoname ware and the production area? Tokoname ware is a pottery […]

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Nanbu Tekki
What’s Nanbu Tekki ?

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Nanbu Tekki” is “Tetsubin”. The iron kettle has a unique design like the head of a big Buddha on the outside, and it is said to be a representative of Nanbu Tekki because of its black iron color, heavy weight, and profound taste. Nanbu Tekki […]

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