Do Japanese drink tea before bed?

Are there any disadvantages to drinking green tea?

Green tea is easy to drink and promotes your physical health, but people need to be careful not to consume too much catechin.

There are some disadvantages caused by drinking too much green tea although it has many benefits for our bodies. When people consume a lot of green tea, the catechin combines with each other and turns into tannin. Tannins are easily oxidized and tend to solidify proteins.

Oxidized tannin turns into tannic acid, and it is said that tannic acid can thin gastric mucosa.

Therefore, if you drink too much green tea, the catechin, which usually helps to promote people’s health, can cause disadvantages to our bodies.

Please Be Careful Not To Consume Too Much Caffeine From Green Tea.

Green tea contains caffeine.

Although caffeine has many benefits such as improving concentration and memory, mitigating migraines, promoting lipolysis, enhancing physical fitness, recovery from fatigue, and reducing the risk of an apoplectic stroke. However, consuming too much caffeine has some disadvantages.

If people take an extreme amount of caffeine, they can become oversensitive and have a sleep disorder. The amount of caffeine in 100g (one Yunomi teacup) green tea is around 20 mg. There will be no problems if people drink from seven to eight cups a day.

Please Be Careful Not To Consume Too Much Tannin From Green Tea.

Tannin is a type of polyphenol, and it reduces the activity of active oxygen and prevents aging. It is also known that tannin prevents dementia and lifestyle disease, regulates the functions of the intensities, and whitens skin.

The disadvantage of consuming too much tannin is just a high chance of constipation, but people need to be careful that tannin can prevent the absorption of iron. People with anemia have to be careful when they consume beverages and foods which contain tannin.

liver failure, so people with chronic diseases have to be careful.

Best time to drink green tea.

Drinking Green Tea In The Morning Can Wake You Up At The Beginning Of The Day.

It is known that a proper amount of caffeine can wake you up and improve your work performance. It also has good effects on appetite in the morning and constipation.

Drinking Green Tea During The Daytime In Spare Moments From Work Or Housework.

Let’s drink green tea so that you can work hard again in the afternoon. Theanine in green tea can make you relax. It is suitable for calming the nerves and keeping pushing a bit longer.

If people drink Gyokuro Matcha with some sweets, they will also experience some aesthetic effects. The thick and robust flavor of Gyokuro Matcha goes well with sweets.

In addition, it has a lot of vitamins and amino acids, so it is also good for people aesthetically.

Let’s Relax By Drinking Hojicha Before Bed.

Among many types of green tea, Hojicha is especially suitable for keeping bodies warm and low in caffeine.

The unique fragrant aroma can make people relax, and it is especially good for drinking before bed.

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach

It is not recommended to drink thick green tea on an empty stomach. This is because thickly extracted green tea has a lot of tannin and caffeine.

The proper amount of tannin and caffeine stimulates cells in the stomach such as oxyntic cells and principal cells, which promote the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion. However, people with a weak gastrointestinal should not drink green tea on an empty stomach because it can damage gastric mucosa and cause bad digestion.

The best time to drink green tea is after meals, which reduces the absorption of sugar and fat from the foods consumed.

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