How to use? How to care? Tokoname ware Kyusu Teapot

Hello! This is the Tokyo Tea Garden staff.

Tokoname ware is a pottery made in the Chita Peninsula, centering on Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, and its surroundings.

Tokoname is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, and is the largest production area among them.

Speaking of Tokoname-yaki Kyusu, the beautiful vermilion is impressive.

This is because the iron contained in the raw material or the iron oxide mixed in the clay turns red.

Recently, by glaze, you can enjoy various colors of Kyusu such as ocher, black, brown, and green in addition to vermilion.

In addition, the vermilion mud used to make Kyusu Teapot has the property of not absorbing water and has excellent water resistance.

Vermilion mud is a soil made by accumulating soil improvements so that it will be the best soil for Kyusu Teapot ♪

Why does green tea brewed in Tokoname-yaki Kyusu Teapot taste good?

The tea made in Tokoname ware Kyusu Teapot is said to be very mellow and delicious.

The reason is that iron oxide contained in Kyusu Teapot reacts with tannin, which is a component of tea, to remove the astringency and bitterness of tea.

Kyusu Teapot, which is made without glaze, adsorbs the extra ingredients contained in the tea and makes it more mellow.

How to care for the beginning of use

Kyusu Teapot should be washed with hot water before you start using it.

By letting a new pottery absorb water once, the pottery is tightened, making it hard to break and durable.

In addition, the clogging of the pottery’s microholes makes it difficult for dirt to stain and prevents water from leaking.

How to care for everyday

After brewing Japanese green tea, rinse it with hot water each time to clean the contents.

At that time, if you use detergent, the odor may be transferred to Kyusu Teapot, so be careful.

After washing with water, remove the lid and turn it upside down to dry so that water does not collect in the tea strainer.

If you dry it well, it will be hard to get tea astringency.

Let’s enjoy delicious Japanese green tea easily ♪

You can see it is true that the tea brewed by Kyusu Teapot feels delicious.

If you eat it with Japanese sweets, it will be even more delicious ♪

Please get your own Kyusu Teapot where you can enjoy delicious Japanese green tea very easily ♬

Tokoname ware Kyusu Teapot has a lot of capacity and design, so it seems that you can find your favorite gem.

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