Tokyo Tea Garden Our Story

Healthy life with delicious organic Japanese tea

Tokyo Tea Garden established a Japanese tea brand, which expands from Tokyo to the rest of the world, based on the concept of “introducing the tradition of authentic organic Japanese tea and leading people all over the world to their healthy lives feeling free in their own style.”

Tokyo Tea Garden provides strictly selected Japanese tea of the best quality. Organic Premium Matcha: mild and rich taste. Highly recommended.

Special Sencha Green Tea: an exquisite balance of astringent and sweet tastes. Premium Deep Steamed Sencha Green Tea. Organic Genmaicha: roasted brown rice tea with rich aroma.

Tokyo Tea Garden Story -Mattcha-

Takashi Inoue, the founder and the owner, grew up drinking Japanese tea daily from his childhood and obtained a qualification of Japanese Tea Specialist to pursue his interest in Japanese tea.
He visited various Japanese tea producing areas. In Kyoto, he encountered a tea making master who had a great roasting technique. At a Japanese tea plantation, he had a chance to taste Japanese tea of the best quality, which led him to establish a Japanese tea brand.

We only sell organic tea leaves with organic certifications, which are secure, safe and fresh.
There are many aspects you can enjoy about Japanese tea from Kyoto-Uji such as the golden yellow and transparent color of the tea when brewed, rich and well-balanced astringency, umami (savory) flavor and sweetness which spreads in your mouth, and refreshing and gentle taste and aroma of fresh tea leaves. We hope to spread the charms of Japanese tea globally including the ways of tasting and enjoying Japanese tea, which is carefully produced in traditional Japanese tea farms.


Tokyo Tea Garden’s Japanese tea is certified organic in the USA and EU.

Tokyo Tea Garden tea leaves are safe and secure.

we think it’s important to…

1. Be with first rank Japanese tea producer

Our partner is a Japanese tea farm which has a history of tea planting more than 100 years in Kyoto-Uji.

The selected tea leaves have stunningly clear taste.

2. Have secure and safe organic planting (with organic certification)

We are providing safe and secure organic tea leaves without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Feel free to taste the leaves by themselves since they are edible as well.

3. Provide delicious and healthy tea

Matcha contains theanine and green tea such as sencha has plenty of catechin. These components are effective in fatigue recovery, cold prevention and making beautiful skin.

The tea of Tokyo Tea Garden has rich, refreshing and mild taste, as well as the best balance of astringency, umami (savory) flavor and sweetness.

our partner tea farm

The partner of Tokyo Tea Garden is a Japanese tea farm which has a history of tea planting for more than 100 years in Kyoto-Uji.

This place is famous for high-quality Japanese tea because of its limestone topography full of calcium, good drainage, and an ideal climate for growing tea leaves since there is a high temperature difference between morning and evening.

Taking advantage of clean air and pure water in Kyoto-Uji , with great and traditional technique of tea making master, our healthy, secure, safe, high quality and supreme organic Japanese tea is produced.

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