Mino ware matcha bowl tea cup blue color

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Mino ware matcha bowl tea cup blue color

Size: Φ11.6cm, H7.8cm
Producing area: Japan
Material / ingredient: Pottery

Mino ware is known as the number one producer of ceramics in Japan.
It is a pottery produced in the Tono region of Gifu prefecture (Tajimi city, Toki city, Kani city, Toki county).
The Mino ware matcha bowl tea cup is durable, easy to use, and comes in a wide variety of designs.
It is a pottery that is easy to match with any dish, blends smoothly into your daily dining table, and supports your life.
The tradition and technical capabilities of Mino ware that have been passed down through the ages.
And he has the passion, creativity, and attitude of continuing to challenge the potters.
To create a new next-generation pottery that can only be made by Mino ware, with a higher texture, higher quality, more design and practicality.

● Because it is a pottery, there are individual differences in color and size.
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It usually arrives in about 7 to 14 days, but there is a delay due to the influence of the corona.
In addition, delivery to Australia is currently suspended.
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