Mino ware Yuzen black matcha bowl

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Mino ware Yuzen black matcha bowl

Size / capacity: Approximately 360 ml
Size (Approx): Diameter 11cm / Height 7cm
Producing area: Japan
Material / ingredient: Pottery

Mino ware matcha bowl which you can enjoy with traditional Japanese matcha.
Yuzen is a typical dyeing method in Japan.
This is a matcha bowl that combines traditional Japanese techniques of Mino ware and Yuzen.

* Mino ware has a long history, dating back more than 1300 years ago.
At first, the technique of Sue pottery was introduced from the Korean Peninsula.
In the Heian period (10th century), ash glaze called white porcelain was applied.
Now that they are being baked in the kiln, this white porcelain is an improved version of Sue pottery that uses glaze.


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