Tokoname ware flower cut Kyusu teapot

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Tokoname ware flower cut Kyusu teapot

Size / capacity: 230cc
Size (Approx): Diameter (lid part) 7.5cm / Height 9.5cm / Length (inc. Handle) 14.5cm
The capacity is 80% when the water is full.
Producing area: Japan
Material / ingredient: Pottery

This Kyusu teapot is a teapot suitable for brewing deep-steamed tea with a fine-mesh stainless steel tea strainer.
* You can also drink ordinary sencha deliciously.
* Deep steamed tea is a tea that has a long steaming process of 1 to 3 minutes.
The tea leaves become very soft, and the tea leaves become finer during the fir process, and there are many parts that become powdered tea.
Since it is a fine tea, it is necessary to strain it with a delicate mesh tea strainer when brewing.

Tokoname: One of Japan’s six ancient kilns, a town of pottery colored in history.
Tokoname ware, which is known nationwide for its long and narrow terrain from north to south and has a history of 1000 years, is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan.


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