Tokoname ware Kyusu Japanese teapot Sakura Fuji

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Tokoname ware Kyusu Japanese teapot Sakura Fuji
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Size / capacity: 290cc
Capacity is 80% when full.
Production area: Japan
Handwritten tea pot
Materials / ingredients: Pottery

Cera mesh net
Not only is it easy to hold and the spout is comfortable,
The reason why Tokoname ware Kyusu is widely trusted
It is in the sophistication of this tea strainer part.
Craftsmen worked hard to create it,
It is a traditional technique that Tokoname ware Kyusu is proud of.

Tokoname: One of Japan’s six ancient kilns, a town of pottery colored in history.
Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, located on the west coast of the Chita Peninsula facing Ise Bay
It is the gateway to Chubu International Airport (Centrair), 6km east-west and 16km north-south.
Known nationwide as a pottery town with a long and narrow terrain from north to south
Tokoname ware, which has a history of 1000 years, is counted as one of the six old kilns in Japan.

What are the characteristics of Tokoname ware?
A unique color, vermilion!
The biggest feature of Tokoname ware is the unique vermilion color unique to Tokoname ware, which is famous for its kyusu and teacups.
This is because iron oxide called Benigara, which is mixed with the soil used in Tokoname ware pottery, develops a reddish color.
This soil was further improved, and the best vermilion mud soil for Kyusu was completed.
This vermilion mud, which has a unique vermilion color unique to Tokoname ware, also has excellent characteristics.

·water resistant
The unique vermilion vermilion mud that is unique to Tokoname ware has the property of not absorbing water.
Therefore, this vermilion mud has excellent water resistance and has the optimum characteristics for Kyusu.
The vermilion color that symbolizes Tokoname ware comes out by making it without glaze, but recently, by daring to glaze it, Tokoname ware of various colors is also made.

・ Molding technique
The typical molding techniques of Tokoname ware can be roughly divided into four molding techniques.
Potter’s wheel molding is a method of molding using an electric potter’s wheel.
Stamp molding is a method of molding using a plaster mold.
Hand twist molding is a method of molding clay shaped like a string, which is about the size of a finger, using a potter’s wheel.
Corico making is a method of stacking clay shaped like a string about the size of an arm and molding it from both the inside and outside using a spatula or hand.

・ Tokoname ware classic “teapot”
Kyusu, which is a staple of Tokoname ware with a long history, is one of the famous Tokoname ware. Tokoname ware Kyusu has been manufactured since the end of the Edo period, so it has a long history of over 150 years.

・ It has become an important intangible cultural property!
The historic Tokoname-yaki teapot is a wonderful pottery that is indispensable for Japanese culture.
The Tokoname-yaki teapot is also an important intangible cultural property of the country.

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