Tokoname ware White Marble Kyusu Japanese tea pot & your favorite organic green tea set

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Tokoname ware White Marble Kyusu Japanese tea pot & your favorite organic green tea set

● Tokoname ware White Marble Kyusu Japanese teapot set teacups × 2
● Choose one package of your favorite Tokyo Tea Garedn organic green tea.
Organic Premium Gyokuro Green Tea 80g
Organic Premium Deep-steamed Sencha Green Tea 80g
Organic Special Sencha Green Tea 80g
Organic Genmaicha 80g

Size / capacity
・ Kyusu Japanese teapot Capacity: about 8.45oz
Size of Japanese Teacup: diameter 3in x height 2.2in Capacity: about 120ml
・ Tokyo Tea Garedn’s organic green tea 1 package
Origin: Kyoto, Japan

● Organic Premium Gyokuro Green Tea
Organic Premium Gyokuro is the highest quality gyokuro tea using only exclusively selected first new leaves picked manually one by one after growing in traditional tea farm of long history in Uji, Kyoto, the birthplace of Japanese tea.
As Ichibancha (first tea in the year) contains plenty of amino acid, an component of umani (savory) flavor and sweetness, less catkin and caffeine which cause astringency and bitterness, with fresh clear taste, this is the most popular organic gyokuro of high quality.
With this gem you may feel refreshing taste of young leaves and the vigor.
Please enjoy the most luxury flavor.

● Organic Premium Deep-steamed Sencha Green Tea
Deep-steamed sencha contains a plenty of healthy components, because it is steamed 2 or 3 times longer while normal sencha is steamed for 30-60 seconds in the first process of steaming raw leaves. The longer it is steamed, the more exudative component is produced, and the cyber becomes fine and soft, that makes more flavorful tea.
It is, therefore, said that nutritious components such as catkin will be dissolved easily and abundantly, which leads healthy benefits.

ORGANIC PREMIUM DEEP-STEAMED SENCHA GREEN TEA has rich, flavorful, dense and mild taste as a result of comprehensive study for the best balance of fresh aroma and taste.

● Organic Special Sencha Green Tea
The leaves of Special Organic tea grow under the sunlight and the nutriment in natural circumstance, and theanine, a component of sweetness and umami (savory) flavor, changes to bitterness of catkin, which creates elegant, refreshing and clear taste with well-balanced astringency , bitterness and aroma.
It becomes more astringent when brewed in hot water.
Basic active components of tea are tannin, caffein and vitamins.
Special Organic Sencha contains more vitamins, specifically vitamin C, compared to the other teas.
We hope you have elegant tea time for your own with delicious Special Organic Tea.
Recommended also for a special cup of tea to treat your precious guests.

● Organic Genmaicha
The leaves of organic sencha grow under the sunlight and the nutrition in natural circumstance, and you can taste deep umami (savory) flavor of mixture, coming from rich flavor of organic sencha as well as fragrant aroma from roasted organic rice.

As Genmaicha is not astringent nor bitter and does not contain as much caffein as matcha and sencha, it is mild and enjoyable as a daily delicious tea.
Please use boiled water as hot as possible in order to have unique clear aroma of Organic Genmaicha.

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