Types of Japanese green tea and their benefits

What is the healthy effect of green tea?

“Green tea” is rooted in Japanese life. Green tea is an unfermented tea made without fermenting raw green tea leaves. “Green tea” is a collection of various types of tea such as sencha green tea, matcha, and gyokuro green tea.

One of the reasons why Japanese people drink green tea is that it is good for their health.Why is green tea good for your health?

The secret lies in the “catechins” contained in green tea. Catechin has various positive effects on the body such as lowering blood cholesterol, lowering body fat, antioxidant action, and preventing tooth decay.Green tea also contains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Matcha, in particular, is a green tea that can take a wide range of nutrients because it drinks whole green tea leaves.Green tea has many health benefits and is a very popular drink for those who care about nutritional balance and health.

Japanese food and green tea go very well together

Green tea goes very well with Japanese food and can be enjoyed before, during, and after meals.When Japanese people eat Japanese food daily, they often drink green tea together.

The taste of green tea is refreshing, so drinking green tea will enhance the taste of Japanese food.Of course, drinking green tea after a meal will keep your mouth clean.

In Japan, it is common to drink green tea with meals at Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants, not just at home.When you eat Japanese food, try drinking green tea together.

Japanese green tea is a taste that you won’t get tired of drinking every day

The reason why Japanese people drink green tea is that they like its taste.The taste of green tea is not one, and each green tea will have a different taste.

For example, Gyokuro green tea with strong sweetness and deliciousness, sencha green tea with astringency and bitterness, roasted green tea with roasty aroma, and Genmaicha that have a mixed taste of genmaicha and sencha green tea.

Also, the taste of green tea changes depending on how it is brewed.The taste depends on the temperature and extraction time after brewing hot water.

Find your favorite taste of green tea and how to brew it, and enjoy a special tea time.

The green tea aroma has a relaxing effect

In fact, by ingesting aroma when brewing green tea and the ingredient “theanine” contained in green tea, it has the effect of relaxing.Theanine has a relaxing effect and can be expected to have a positive effect on stress relief.

Theanine has the property of being gradually decomposed when green tea leaves are exposed to sunlight during cultivation. Therefore, gyokuro green tea and matcha, which are cultivated in the shade of sunlight, are green teas rich in theanine.Also, when brewing green tea, if you brew it slowly at a low temperature, caffeine will decrease.

And while brewing green tea, you can expect the relaxing effect of green tea leaves as aromatherapy.

There is an item called “Chakoro”, which puts green tea leaves on the plate and roasts the green tea leaves with a lit candle. This will give you a relaxing aroma of Japanese green tea leaves. Please make use of green tea for your relaxing time.

for your relaxing time.

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