What are the amazing advantages that Japanese green tea gives us?

What is the positive effect of green tea on the skin?


Green tea contains many ingredients that maintain the beauty of the skin, so it has a very positive effect.

For example, “Vitamin C” is an ingredient that supports the skin.By ingesting vitamin C contained in green tea, collagen is produced in the body and plays a role in connecting cells.You can expect to suppress and repair damage and keep your skin youthful.

In addition, it has the effect of preventing the deposition of melanin pigment, which causes dark spots and dullness.It also decolorizes the melanin that has already been made, so it can be expected to be effective for people who are concerned about age spots.

Are there any people with skin problems who are suffering from adolescent acne or adult acne?Green tea can also be expected to be effective in preventing acne.

Among the green tea ingredients, catechin and tannin, which are a type of polyphenol, have a strong antibacterial effect, so they have the effect of suppressing the growth of P. acnes, which causes acne.Catechin and tannins are essential ingredients for keeping clean skin. The astringent action of tannins also has a positive effect on the skin.

Astringent contracts tissues and cells by denaturing proteins.In other words, it has the effect of tightening the skin and preventing the appearance of pores and sagging of the skin.

In addition to drinking green tea, you can expect the effect of maintaining the health of your skin from the outside by washing your face with green tea, and using a face pack of green tea.

Why should you use green tea during weight loss?

In fact, green tea can be expected to have a positive effect even during weight loss.In Japan, some green teas are registered as “foods for specified health use” for weight loss and a healthy diet.At the time of weight loss, green tea is attracting attention not only for increasing metabolism and burning fat but also for suppressing the absorption of fat and sugar.

For example, tannins and catechins, which have antioxidant action, prevents the oxidation of cholesterol which causes lifestyle-related diseases, as well as the skin.

Among many ingredients, the power of catechin is particularly excellent, and it greatly activates basal metabolism. Then, it inhibits the activity of lipase, which is responsible for fat absorption, and does not store fat, but consumes it as energy.

Therefore, incorporating green tea into your daily life will support fat burning and will have a positive effect on your weight loss.

Drinking green tea is also nice for men! What are the benefits?

Drinking green tea also has a nice benefit for men.It is “suppressing male hormones”.In particular, male hormones are said to peak in their 20s and 30s, and sebum secretion increases.In fact, this sebum has many negative effects.

For example, body odor and hair loss.Body odor is emitted when sweat and sebum are oxidized by bacteria. Sweat and sebum themselves have no odor, but the decomposition and oxidation by the action of bacteria are the cause of the odor.

It is the components of tannin and catechin that have antibacterial action that suppress the action of the fungus.In particular, catechin also has the effect of suppressing the secretion of the male hormone itself.Together with Vitamin C, it prevents the oxidation of sebum and suppresses the generation of odors.

Also, the ingredients of green tea will have a positive effect on hair loss.A major factor that promotes hair loss is “dihydrotestosterone” a type of male hormone.

It is a component that secretes excess sebum and blocks the hair roots of the scalp.As a result, it blocks the space where new hair grows and causes thinning hair.

Dihydrotestosterone requires a component called 5α-reductase, and green tea has the effect of suppressing the action of this substance.In this way, green tea has a positive impact not only on women seeking beauty but also on men.


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