Kutani ware Matcha bowl bouncing rabbit

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Kutani ware Matcha bowl bouncing rabbit

Producing area: Japan
Size: Diameter 11 cm Height 6.5 cm


What is Kutani?
They are the ceramics produced in the Kaga region of Ishikawa prefecture.
The overpainting, in which multicolored pictures are drawn, is characteristic.
The profound brilliance of Japanese paint, which is painted in five colors of green, yellow, red, purple, and navy blue, is beautiful on the dynamic and brilliant line drawing.

Each kiln has its own style of painting, and Kokutani’s “Aote” and Miyamotoya kiln’s “Aka-e fine drawing” are characteristic. In addition, the technique called Kinrande, which appeared in the Meiji era, became popular all over the world and became famous worldwide under the name of “Japan Kutani”.
Kutani ware has a selection of gems that showcase the skills of artists.

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