Tokoname ware Kyusu teapot vermilion type big size

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Tokoname ware Kyusu teapot vermilion type big size

Size / capacity: 450cc
Producing area: Japan
Material / ingredient: Pottery

The Kyusu teapot, which uses the soil material as it is, is a delicious way to brew green tea.
The Kyusu teapot spout is shaped so that it can be washed from both the front and back.
・In the Kyusu teapot, iron is produced by the soil itself.
・The handle is smart and easy to hold.
・It has a round shape and good convection of tea.
・The tea strainer holes are easy to wash on both sides.
・The spout has a shape that does not leak easily.
・108 open tea strainers (each one is handmade)
・You can brew up to the last drop by lowering the tea strainer hole a little.

■ Torso open tea strainer
■ Tokoname: One of the six ancient kilns in Japan, a town of pottery colored in history.
Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, located on the west coast of the Chita Peninsula facing Ise Bay, is known nationwide as a pottery town with a long and narrow terrain from north to south. It is counted in.


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